The restart series Digimon Adventure 2020, a project to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the original work broadcast in 1999, turned out to be structurally different from the very first episodes. The narrative rhythm was based on the change of threats in DigiWorld and the continuous development of DigiChosen's companions to face them.

The final narrative arc in the series will definitely begin with the next episode. After this defeated the mighty Millenniumon, the protagonists have realized that they have won just one of the many battles they will experience in the future and are getting closer to the reasons that led them into the digital world. Currently only two Digimon have achieved a mega evolution, that is WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon, but to address that final journey in the next episode, Hououmon will also debut.

By title "Heaven dance, Hououmonβ€œ, Episode 52 was presented with the video that you can find at the end of the news, in which the development of Biyomon, Sora Takenouchi's companion, can only be seen in a short sequence.

Here is also the official recap of the episode: β€œIn order to avoid the great catastrophe in the digital world, a new adventure begins for the Digi-Chosen. During their journey, led by the Digestones, Taichi and Sora stop on an island with intense volcanic activity. Junkmon, a Digimon responsible for construction on the island. Junkmon is working hard to build a dam to protect the island's Digimon from an impending eruption. Sora and the others are ready to help him, however Biyomon is injured. While Sora continues to work alone and does not produce a Piyomon tribe, Piyomon wants to be close to her.

It will be a very important moment as Hououmon never appeared in the original series and he will score the arrival of a powerful new Digimon to face the incredible final threat. Keep in mind that the Mega Evolutions appeared in a great picture, and we'll leave you to the trailer which is the DigiChosen's final challenge.

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