There have been so many manga that have made headlines over the years. Some of these managed to become anime, to the delight of a large group of fans. Among the most anticipated and debuted in 2022, certainly belongs chainsaw mananimated by Studio MAPPA and adapted from the manga of the same name by Tatsuki Fujimoto.

Undoubtedly, it made its voice heard in the anime version as well and it is no coincidence that Chainsaw Man is one of the best anime of 2022. Studio MAPPA did a really good job, although there have been some criticisms of various kinds, both on the plot and on the animations and on the direction. In any case, Chainsaw Man has now wrapped up its twelfth episode to air, completing the first phase of the story. However, waiting for the second season of Chainsaw Man was a section of the public that didn't appreciate the series very much.

Some Chainsaw Man fans have started a petition call for an overhaul of the anime from scratch. Studio MAPPA's 12 episodes were deemed insufficient by approximately a thousand people who have already signed this petition for various reasons, including the voice of Denji's voice actor. Of course, chaos ensued online when this petition was discovered, leading to another section of the public scoffing at the request. So, a small chasm has opened up between those who say the anime is that good and those who would have appreciated something else. And you, on the other hand, liked the work of MAPPA?

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