There new phase of My Hero Academia it has already brought with it doubts and important clashes, both on the physical and on the moral and psychological levels. Lady Nagant was a great obstacle, but now everything seems to have changed.

The explosion in which the character was involved at the end of the last chapter of My Hero Academia brought her to her death, because this Lady Nagant could even die. To answer us we think My Hero Academia 316 spoilers and images.

The chapter is titled "THE NEXT", then "the next", and we see Endeavor arrive on the battlefield. He couldn't hurry as the rain slowed him down and he started talking to Deku, but Hawks' scream caught both of them. The hero now doesn't have enough feathers and can't hold himself in the air with Lady Nagant, so a suffering Deku intervenes with the black whip. After she was brought ashore, Hawks asks Lady Nagant to tell everything she knows for him who is his "replacement", which means that he is part of the public safety department.

Lady Nagant wonders why they are still fighting despite everything they have seen and done, but then she thinks back to her as a child with dreams and hopes. The woman decides to tell the group that All for One is waiting for them with the goal in a Haibori mansion. Time goes by and Deku, Endeavor, Hawks, Edgeshot, Mt. Lady and Kamui arrive in the area. Deku enters the villa and finds himself in front of All for One, which had already foreseen everything. When he tries to provoke Deku, he warns him that he is the next target and mimics All Might's gesture to Kamino. in the End of My Hero Academia 316who have favourited villa exploded.

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