Jujutsu Kaisen will pause for at least a month. This is reported by Weekly Shonen Jump after several editorial decisions. The reasons are mainly two: the state of health of the author Gege Akutami and the minor scandal that surfaced after the publication of Chapter 150 with two incomplete tables.

There Popularity of Yuji Itadori's Adventure has grown dramatically in the last few weeks, thanks largely to the first season of the anime from the MAPPA studio, which has led to an impressive increase in sales for the manga. While many took the break negatively, most readers would like Akutami to recover soon and understand the complex mechanics behind his work as well.

THE Rhythms that mangaka are exposed to, and their assistants, between drafts, deadlines and sudden changes can cause great psychological pressure, which can lead to physical discomfort. As reported in the first post below, Chapter 152 will only be 9 pages. Akutami himself wanted to comment on the decision of the magazine's editorial team and said he wanted to close the manga as soon as possible.

Finally, the author reassured fans by saying it was not a serious illness and regrets the hiatus. You can also see below several contributions from the communitywhere all the respect and passion for a work emerges that has now become important in the panorama of modern Shonen.

We remind you that the news about the UNIQLO clothing line with which the series has started a collaboration has been shown and we let you discover the meaning of the title Jujutsu Kaisen.

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