An epochal confrontation approaches in chapter 1016 of ONE PIECE. The war rages on in the skies and streets of Onigashima, where the rebels put up incredible resistance against Kaido's dangerous men. However, the emperor was openly challenged by a figure who could be central to the future of the work.

Since its first appearance Yamato played a crucial role, helped Luffy and the rebel forces enter Onigashima and immediately gained millions of readers. As expected a few chapters ago, Yamato will be able to grant his wish, directly across from his father Kaido.

Chapter 1015 showed theas a continuation of various and frenetic struggles, and despite news of Luffy's defeat, the rebels continued to resist. The Mugiwara captain is still alive and telepathically asks Momonosuke to tell everyone he can win. When the protagonist is reached and rescued by Law's pirates, Yamato screams defiantly at his father "I came here to cut these chains".

Kaido wanted his daughter Wano to rule while he himself would have conquered the world, but Yamato seems to have cultivated such a great hatred for him that he wanted to defeat him in a face-to-face confrontation. Inspired by Oden's character, the girl has therefore refused her father's wishes and is now ready to defend Wano's freedom and returns to protect little Momonosuke, who has given something back to the residents by conveying Luffy's message the confidence to fight to the end.

It could be an excellent opportunity to see the skills of Yamato who managed to take out Ulti of the Six Flying Companions with a single shot, and this according to the speculations surfaced on the net and also the spoilers of Chapter 1016, could join the Mugiwara. Remember that in the next episode of the anime The Worst of Generations comes back into action and we leave you to a majestic character dedicated to Kaido.

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