On the battlefield, heroes are always outnumbered. Whether Gunga or other places in My Hero Academy The protagonists also risk a lot due to the awakening of Kurogiri and the clone power unleashed by Himiko Toga, which completely turned the tables on the war.

However, Shiketsu's intervention temporarily reduced the crisis in Gunga. Hawks was in mortal danger, however Things got turned on their head thanks to Shishikura, Camie, and Inasa. And now in My Hero Academia, a big battle with All for One is the focus. The super villain has decided to stay and fight as he can't think of escaping alone with all these heroes on his tail.

Inasa Yoarashi has begun to unleash his power, allowing him to control the wind with his usual Vulcan and frantic manner while keeping Twice and All for One at bay. This immediately caused the supervillain to target Inasa, probably the most dangerous of the group of heroes present there. Because of this, he chose to do it Steal Inasa Yoarashi's Quirk and get the power of the windwhich would allow him to fly faster towards his target and keep any flying pursuers at bay at a distance.

But it is obvious Boy doesn't get knocked down easily and indeed, with his Quirk, he managed to help Tokoyami unleash his most powerful technique. Will the dark attack be enough to save the My Hero Academia character?

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