In the work created by Masashi Kishimoto without a shadow of a doubt the protagonist is, in fact, Naruto. However the strong preference that the mangaka has never hidden for Sasuke and the historical plot that he created with the protagonist, elevated the Uchiha to all intents and purposes almost as a second protagonist alongside Naruto.

Sasuke since the first series, and also afterwards with Naruto Shippuden, has always been among the most loved characters of the opera, although not without doing infuriate someone for many of the choices he made on his journey. The love that enthusiasts feel for Uchihain any case, it is clear, just look at the web and observe the mass of fan art and cosplay that are made every day.

Over the years we have seen many art work born from the pencils of smart illustrators and even though we feel veterans in this field by now, we must admit that surprises are always around the corner, with new artists coming out giving us drawings like we have never seen them.

This is exactly the case today. When we stumbled across this wonderful fan art that we want to show you, designed by an artist from undoubted abilities. In fact, as you can see from the drawing at the bottom of the article, the Instagram illustrator, leeinhyuk, gave us a spectacular Sasuke Uchiha in a really realistic version and especially with some outfits for the outfit really not bad. Clearly inspired by the first version of the Ninja that appeared in Shippuden, the originality of the work has left us really breathless.

If you missed it we recommend a Naruto Hokage seen from the eyes of a fan artist and a superb statue of Jiraiya with a "modest" price of 800 euros.

What do you think of the version of Sasuke designed by leeinhyuk? Let us know here in the comments.

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