In the July issue of the magazine Monthly Shonen Ace from the publisher Kadokawa it was revealed that Hajime Segawa (Ga-Rei) will launch a new manga titled Shikabane-Gatana from the next issue of the magazine, on June 26.


The story will focus on Juuki Kiki, a high school student who lives a happy life despite the strange circumstances of his family. But when a major disaster strikes, strange zombie-like creatures kidnap her younger sister. To find the place where they have arrived, Juuki heads to the monster-infested city, Tokyo, and there he will meet a mysterious high school girl with a sword.

Sega is also the author of the manga Ga-Rei, which was published in the Monthly Shonen Ace magazine of the Kadokawa publishing house between October 2005 and January 2010, with a total of twelve compiled volumes published. This work inspired a twelve-episode anime adaptation, produced by the studios. AIC Spirits In collaboration with Asread, under the direction of Ei Aoki and scripts written by Katsuhiko Takayama, released in October 2008.

Synopsis of Ga-Rei

While many of us would scream in horror at the thought of a ghost in front of us, freshman Nimura Kensuke only sees it as a casual day-to-day event as he has the strange ability to always see them. Things soon become interesting when he meets a girl named Kagura, who has the power to summon a powerful "spirit eater" named Byakuei. So what will Nimura do? Chase the evil spirits and have Kagura summon Byakuei to devour them!

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