On the official website for the light novel series by Yomu Mishima and illustrated by Peel, Otome game Sekai wa Mob ni Kibishii Sekai Desu, the cover of the fourth volume of the manga adaptation by Jun Shiosato. The volume will be released in Japan on August 7th.

Mishima started publishing the light novels with illustrations by Monda via the publisher in 2017 Micro Magazine. A manga adaptation of Jun Shiosato will be published on the website Dra Dra Sharp # from the publisher Fujimi Shobo since 2018. The publisher published the third volume on April 9th.

Synopsis of the Otome game Sekai wa Mob ni Kibishii Sekai Desu

Leon, a former Japanese office worker, has returned to the world of an otom game and is desperate to find that women dominate men in this world. It was as if men were only springboards for the success of women in the world, with the exception of the romantic interests of the protagonist of the game, a group of handsome men led by the crown prince of a kingdom.

In these bizarre circumstances, Leon has only one weapon: his knowledge of his previous life, where his cheeky sister forced him to end the same game. Leon, who really only wanted to live a life in the country, begins to use this knowledge to provoke a violent revolution against the chosen women and men. The curtains open for an exciting story.

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