The fight with Kaido in Onigashima can certainly not only consist of roses. The Mugiwara have faced numerous enemy garrisons or organizations of various kinds ONE PIECEIn the current phase, however, they are facing the toughest opponents of all time.

It is no accident that many are at risk of dying, as we have seen ONE PIECE 1014. Others may already be dead, as in the previous chapters. The most important situation, however, is that of the Straw Hat Pirates' captain, Monkey D. Luffy. After he was defeated again by Kaido, the young protagonist was thrown overboard by ONE PIECE. Who will save Luffy from drowning?

It is not yet known whether this rescue will take place in ONE PIECE 1015 with Eiichiro Oda, who for the time being could let us observe other contemporary events such as the clashes with the Tobi Roppos or the catastrophes. But sooner or later the protagonist will surely be saved. The most suitable helpers are the guys from Law's crewwho were still traveling by submarine around Onigashima. They were looking for a place to land, but Kaido began moving the island to prevent him from dropping anchor. As a result, they may follow the flying island and therefore be close to the area Luffy fell into.

It is unlikely that any other surprise characters like Jinbe's former crew of Fishmen or even other characters from the Straw Hat Alliance will arrive. you Who do you think will save Luffy from death??

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