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This review on Princess Connect! Re: Dive Contains spoilers. If you have not seen the chapters, we recommend you do it and then return to read the review.

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Princess Connect! Re: Dive - Chapter 8: Little Lyrical Children's Lunch ~ Country Style Fried Eggs ~

In Princess Connect! Re: Dive Chapter 8, it's been a while since the ‘Goirmet Guild‘Did the harvest mission in Targum village. Completing other missions after this one. However, they all focus on receiving food as a reward, so Karyl wants better pay. While searching for available quests in the guild, they come across an unofficial order from the guild.

When leaving the place, they meet the members of the ‘Little Lyrical‘, The group of girls who placed that ad on the mission board. As they were talking to them and their reason for leaving that announcement, the ‘Gourmet Guild‘You cannot deny the request, agreeing to teach them how a group works.

The next day, Yuuki is in charge of accompanying ‘Little Lyrical‘On his foray through the forest. With a pre-established path on a map so that they reach the treasure that awaits them. However, they end up straying, finding more than one enemy. Of which, most are defeated by Kokkoro and Karyl without girls noticing. But everything changes when Yuuki is captured by a giant bird and ‘Little Lyrical‘Decides to go to his rescue.

Bravely facing the bird, but being defeated in no time. Entering into action the 'Gourmet Guild' so that the situation is not more dangerous. Completing the mission and teaching of ‘Little Lyrical’.

Princess Connect! Re: Dive - Chapter 8
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A sweet episode

The group of 'Little Lyrical‘Has appeared in a previous episode, although they only showed them a little above. In Princess Connect! Re: Dive - Chapter 8 exhibited more of them, from their target to some of their combat skills. And, of course, the different personalities of its members.

First of all, I must confess that in the scene in which Kyouka mentions the objective for which they want to become an official guild, listening to a retrospective of the motives of the girls of ‘Gourmet Guild‘, I couldn't help but laugh. Well, despite being only girls, his main reason thousands of times better than what he is looking for ‘Gourmet Guild‘. And that's only comparing what appeared in this episode a few moments before.

I already talked a little about their members in their first appearance, also mentioning their seiyuus. So, I'll skip that part. My impression of Kyouka is who will be (or already is) the leader of the group. Being insightful in many things and caring for her companions. Although she is afraid of something, she is willing to face it to help her friends.

Mimi the rabbit girl shares several things with Kyouka. Facing her fears, caring for her companions. Perhaps she is easily influenced by others, something that surely is because she appears to be quite honest.

Misogi, the girl with brown hair. She is the one who protects her companions, being the first to demonstrate courage to face an opponent. Whether I am afraid or not. Giving security to her friends. You can engage in close combat or use items, such as bombs, to do so at a distance. In addition, she seems to be the one who devises the plans to follow for her group. Although he is also guided a lot by his instincts.

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Overall, I think ‘Little Lyrical‘Has a great way to grow as a team. Even before becoming an official guild. If they kept learning from other guilds or even from a specific member, I feel like they could become one of the most powerful guilds.

No breakthrough in the plot?

To be honest I think in Princess Connect! Re: Dive - Chapter 8 showed a little of the plot to come. Only a minimum of the plot, since the episode focused more on ‘Little Lyrical‘. But she still had her scene with Karyl giving her report to her "boss." Being nothing more and nothing less than the highness the one that is behind everything. Although they have not yet shown her face as such, nor have they mentioned her name, simply knowing that she is the highness of the Landosol kingdom gives depth to the story. Since, unlike many other plots in which the king is the villain, the kingdom does not appear to be in a generally bad state.

Although there are poor and / or dangerous areas in the same capital of the kingdom, as it was shown in the episode where they go to the hospital for Yuuki to get better. Not all the capital shows that state, nor its citizens.

That is why it gives depth to the story, because I do not end by feeling that it is a mask to hide the high intention of the highness. Of course, that could be the case, but I honestly think there is even more behind this.

Princess Connect! Re: Dive - Chapter 8
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Princess Connect! Details Re: Dive - Chapter 8

Within the little plot shown in Princess Connect! Re: Dive - Chapter 8, I also think there were the completed missions of ‘Gourmet Guild‘After completing his work with the harvest in the Targum village. Although I feel that these missions may have had a certain weight in the main story, not a hundred that are essential for the plot to continue unfolding. At least not for now, as this could change if they had shown a somewhat radical change from one episode to another in the relationship of any of the characters. For example, for Karyl to take more appreciation and attention to Yuuki, because he saved her on one of those missions.

Princess Connect! Re: Dive - Chapter 8
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Outside of that, the chapter, although it has not had as much progress as expected after seeing what happened previously. I was not disappointed as such. Well, there are still a few more chapters left Princess Connect! Re: Dive, and starting strong in this episode would have made him imagine they would maintain the same intensity in all the other episodes. I'd rather watch a quiet moment before the big plot, than have the final battle interrupted with a flashback episode. Commonly known as filler.

From the next episode, following the title of the same, I can't help but get excited about seeing Karyl, Pecorine and Kokkoro in swimsuits. Furthermore, the mere fact that they mentioned "tentacles" made him even more interested and impatient to see it. A little fanservice never hurts. Also, like this episode, I don't think they show a great development in the main plot, just a slight preview.


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