The anime series of Boruto: Naruto the next generations continues with his original adventures. This time the new heroes of Leaf Village are busy with an investigation: where is Mitsuki’s pet?

Boruto has just returned from the family trip featured in episode 258 and has to get back to work. When he finds himself with the teammates of the new Team 7, he discovers that Mitsuki is upset by the disappearance of a friend of his.

Ever since they returned from the mission they were assigned to in the village of mist, Mitsuki he can’t find Mikazuki anymore, her kitty. Day and night, the son of Sannin Orochimaru searches for the cat, which seems to have vanished into thin air. Boruto and Sarada also join the investigation of Boruto 259.

In the meantime, The Konoha Police Department enlists the help of the Team 7 trio, to which Kawaki is added. In the video preview of the episode we see two new enigmatic characters, a boy and a girl arguing, and at whose feet are two masks and a musical instrument. Mitsuki seems to make the acquaintance of one of them, a girl who likes to play the flute.

Eventually, Mitsuki eventually finds Mikazuki, who seems to have made up his mind about one though new master. Did the cat that now has a new name really leave poor Mitsuki?

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