In anticipation of the next Boruto saga in which Kawaki and Himawari will be great protagonists, the anime series will continue with its original episodes. While 258th episode of the work of Studio Pierrotthe Uzumaki family goes on a pleasure trip!

Accompanied by Himawari, Naruto wins a lottery ticket in the business district, giving his whole family a well-deserved day of rest in one onsen board. As Mirai goes to the Hokage office with Shikamaru presiding, she discovers that the spa inn the Uzumaki will go to is the same one she visited accompanied by Kakashi and Gai im Roman Naruto: Konoha Shinden.

Finally, Naruto, Hinata, Boruto, Himawari and Kawaki arrive at the resort where they are warmly welcomed. But that becomes clear immediately something is hiding in the atmosphere. In Boruto 258, a long team table tennis match that ignites the rivalry between Boruto and Kawaki brings the family together in the warm thermal waters.

After exiting the thermal waters, the two boys finally decide to take part in one event organized by the onsen. Boruto and Kawaki go in search of three stamps, each located at the base of a fearsome statue. After discovering the statues' spooky tricks and collecting the stamps, the Uzumaki half-brothers are awarded one family photo. Once taken, however, the photo shows a ghost behind the two boys, frozen in horror.

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