Recent events narrated in the manga by ONE PIECE They brought the worst generation back into the limelight. If Monkey D. Luffy is the supernova that managed to become Emperor, Eustass Kidd is currently among the members of the group with the highest bounties. To pay homage to him, here's a new collectible figure from WM Studio.

Participating on the front lines of the Onigashima War and confronting Kaido and Big Mom brought Kidd an amazing increase Size that reached 3 billion berries, the same number established by the Navy for Trafalgar D. Law's head. Currently, Kidd has suffered a major defeat at the hands of one of the Four Emperors, Shanks, and doesn't appear to have fully recovered from Red's Divine Departure.

However, his fame and exploits still make him one of the most dangerous pirates in the New World and here is a well detailed figure of him to complete the line dedicated to the trio Luffy Law Kidd. As with the two allied rivals, the captain is shown preparing for battle and parading the two giants mechanical prostheses instead of weapons, which he uses to make the most of the Mag Mag fruit's abilities.

The 11.5-inch figure doesn't have a special base, but has a good level of detail and detail in the clothing worn by Kidd. Who wants to buy it The statue can be booked for 135 eurosand will be launched between the third and fourth quarters of 2023.

Finally, we remind you that Eiichiro Oda has confirmed that he is not interested in continuing the series and we leave you with the stratospheric figures achieved in France by ONE PIECE 2022.

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