We're finally here, on time, as always, Toyotaro released the first spoilers for Dragon Ball Super By drafting a few pages from Chapter 68 that should appear on Manga Plus in less than a week. However, did you notice a character appearing in the tables that we all know all too well?

No? Didn't you recognize him? Try again in the attached table at the end of the news, perhaps along with one of the sketches Sensei drew last August. Randomness is not part of the ropes of the Japanese comic strip and it is Akira Toriyamagot us used in Dragon Ball to find details in the tables of his manga. The same Toyotaro didn't fail to add Easter eggs and tributes in Dragon Ball Super, which is why it is reasonable to expect other small elements in the new saga as well.

The first of them was not long in coming, as the spoilers of chapter 68 have resurrected by a Granolla lightning bolt One of the races believed to be virtually extinct, the Saiyans. The Oozaru, or rather, the monkeys that the inhabitants of the planet Vegeta are turning into, actually want to destroy the Ceruleans, of which Granolla herself belongs. As far as we know, the alien believes that the destruction of his planet was caused by a meteor, so it is reasonable to expect Freeza's involvement in the current narrative arc, which really has the destruction of the planet Vegeta in mind.

However, the monkey we see towering from the roof of a house seems to be none other than thatBardocks Oozaru, Goku's father. The scar on his face seems to leave no doubt, just look at Toyotaro's Skecth a few months ago. A little Easter egg that, given the past that links Freeza, Granolla, and the Saiyan race, could reveal something more interesting in the near future too.

And on the other hand, did you recognize Bardock? Let us know with a comment below.

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