The weeks of the winter break are over and in a few days Weekly Shonen Jump will be back in Japanese newspaper kiosks and comics. This means that there will be Return of My Hero Academia, Manga by Kohei Horikoshi who has just completed a narrative arc and will lead us into a new, unpredictable phase in his story.

There are many theories about My Hero Academia 297, a chapter that will be published in English and Spanish on MangaPlus on Sunday, January 17, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. One of these theories involved a mass exodus from Tartarus, the prison where All for One is held.

And me The first spoilers of My Hero Academia 297 confirm this theory. The title of the chapter is "Tartarus" and as you can see in the gallery below it will be the main location where this week's events will take place. While the prison continues its surveillance, All for One arrives on its Nomu in flight and begins an invasion. By getting the soldiers into trouble defending the maximum security prison, We see a lot of familiar faces like Overhaul, Moonfish, Muscularand others we don't know.

This is how the escape from Tartarus begins, but the main event is that in which the body of Shigaraki and All for One is involved. The boy has awakened from his torpor and does not want to surrender his body to his master while the super villain declares that now is the time to raise a demon king to rule over this era. How it will end the meeting between Shigaraki and his teacher?

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