Dragon Ball: Piccolo trains Gohan in this epic crossover with Charlie Brown

Created in the 1950s and 1990s, Peanuts and Dragon Ball are two of the longest-lasting and most important works in the history of comics. In all these decades, however, the two franchises have never crossed, at least to this day.

Peanuts was made from Charles Schulz's pencil and follows the events of Charlie Brown and his friends, a group of normal boys who want to lead their daily lives. To think that the protagonists of Peanuts can challenge each other with explosions of energy or that they have to fight for the fate of the earth like those of Dragon Ball is absolute madness. But not for a fan of either franchise.

Reddit user Cybertronian Cat shared an amazing illustration of him, in which Dragon Ball and Peanuts cross in an adorable crossover. Gohan and Piccolo came second in Fanart Schulz 'cartoon style. Just like Charlie Brown and Linus, the young Saiyan and the Namek master reflect with their arms crossed resting on a low wall. Given the stark difference between the two series, we will most likely never see an official crossover, but this fan-made illustration is a true work of art. Another enthusiast recreated Dragon Balls Supreme Mansion using a LEGO set. Goku and Vegeta compete in two Dragon Ball collectibles for around $ 1,500.

good sadness, sir. small by r / dbz

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