The Dragon Ball Super manga is full of epic moments that for the most part have already been transposed into anime. Indeed, many of these scenes were first presented in the anime and only later in the manga designed by Toyotaro. This is not true of the events of the Molo the Wizard's arc that are happening now in the comic.

Being the anime of Dragon Ball Super concluded since March 2018 and continued only in the movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly, all new events are presented in black and white on V-Jump every month. For this reason, some fans are certainly missing the color glance with the clashes between Molo, Goku and Vegeta still monochromatic.

But the internet is full of people who know their stuff and one of them has decided to intervene on chapter 60 of Dragon Ball Super, modifying one of the key scenes of the chapter in its own way. As you will remember, Goku was in trouble against Molo but Vegeta intervenes to save him almost in extremis. This cartoon was taken by Sarria Art who, as you can see below, presented an exceptional color scene to the other Dragon Ball Super fans.

Vegeta, with a slight golden aura around it, turns away from a Goku amazed and wounded dressed in the usual blue and orange clothes. It will still take some time before you see this scene in a future anime of Dragon Ball Super, but in the meantime you can enjoy this illustration. Now you just have to hope that Vegeta's intervention is enough, otherwise you just have to wait for a higher intervention to save the Dragon Ball Super universe.

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