It's been a long time since Yusuke Murata has published a chapter of One-Punch Man on Tonari no Young Jump. In the past few months, probably also due to the Coronavirus, the release of the manga has been somewhat slowed down and some of the published chapters have also been reinterpretations of very old stories.

An example is chapter 103 of One-Punch Man dating back to last year and that Murata wanted to modify to adapt it to some news on the history drawn by ONE. At this point fans are wondering when the number 132 of One-Punch Man arrives, and in this regard Yusuke Murata replies on Twitter to a fan.

Right now, the mangaka is taking care of last ten pages to review for volume 22 of One-Punch Man and as soon as it ends it will immediately launch in the production of chapter 132. There is not yet a date for the next chapter, while the number 131 of One-Punch Man was published over a month ago.

Unfortunately, it will be necessary to wait several days, maybe another two weeks, for the next chapter of One-Punch Man. If Murata then decides to make a longer story, the wait could go even to the last days of June. What do you expect from the next chapter of One-Punch Man?

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