Despite all the struggles that have arisen after the severe racist episodes of recent years, the phenomenon of racism seems far from over. The anime community is also affected by this plague. Here's what created a fanart of Spy x family.

Thousands of fan-made artworks are shared on Twitter every day. However, one of them triggered one very serious controversyone that nobody wants to see in 2022.

To ignite the hate is beautiful fanart shared by user @SoulKingLives, an artist known for his distinctive works. SOUL usually introduces itself i Leading actor of the most popular anime with a dark complexion.

Her latest work sees little Anya Forger, who stole the title of Best Anime Girl from Marin in My Dress-Up Darling, with one completely different character design. In addition to the skin color, the girl now has cute "golden" eyes and braided hair.

The illustration was not well received rotten slice of community. Unfortunately, many users have actually written bad things for free, which we will not tell you about, but which you can find at the end of the article. This isn't the first Spy x Family controversy, but perhaps this one is even more serious and ignoble than the previous one.

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