Spring is a very important season for the Japanese. It all starts here: the school year, the work year, a riot of traditions and, above all, the cherry blossom, a symbol of renewal after winter. And there are many manga taking place during this period, like the passionate one Your lie in April - April lies.

The name says it all, it was a very special April for some high school kids who came together thanks to the music. Kosei Arima was able to return to this world after only a few traumas and disappointments thanks to the presence of Kaori Miyazono. The girl, very pretty and charming, is also a violinist who will help Kosei recover thanks to music, the central theme of the series. But also Your Lie in April - Bugie d'Aprile knows how to hit hard, precisely because of its protagonist and prominent element.

It's been a few years since Netflix made the series available. Your April Lie is still very popular around the world and is one of the recommended readings - or visions -. Coming in from Japan Cosplay of Kaori Miyazono from Your Lie in April created by the Japanese Makko, who doesn't hesitate to pose with her violin under the blossoming cherry trees.

Over time, musicals have also been dedicated to Your Lie in April.

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