Studio Bones is working feverishly to arrive on time for the fall deadline Season 6 of My Hero Academia. However, the premiere of the next season of the anime adaptation will be in absolute preview during a major summer event.

The pages of Weekly Shonen Jump have been talking about an upcoming big announcement for My Hero Academia. According to some rumors, this reveal will affect the production of My Hero Academia's fourth anime film, while according to others, it could affect the Air date season 6. Speaking of the anime series, big updates are coming in the summer.

The official poster of theannual Hero Fes, the most important event surrounding the franchise. The event, scheduled for July 24, 2022, will feature numerous voice actors and a brief one-shot will be shared, but to grab the spotlight, a special screening of theEpisode 1 of Season 6. The broadcast of the episode is strictly reserved for those attending the event, although there is a risk that someone might illegally share images or clips online.

While the manga has its sights set on the grand finale, the anime is about to take the stage there War between heroes and villains. Both sides are ready for the fight that will revolutionize the society of heroes: only Studio Bones is missing from the date.

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