The anime that stands out among those of the new season is without a doubt Spy x family. Based on Tatsuya Endo's manga of the same name, Spy x Family tells the story of spy Twilight, who decided to create a fake family to complete a mission. Spy x Family Episode 2 is already available on Crunchyroll.

In the first few episodes we met the three main characters: Twilight, codenamed Loid Forger, little Anya, a young telepath, and the fake wife Yor. terrible assassin. We still know very little about the girl: she works in an office as a cover for her real job and she has a brother who seems very thoughtful.

They were revealed via the official Spy x Family Twitter profile new voice actors of the animeincluding that of Yor's brother. Yuri Briar is actually voiced by Kensho Ono (Floch no The attack of the giants), while the other characters whose voice actors have been revealed are Yor's colleagues and the head of the gardening business. Here are the specific entries:

  • Umeka Shouji- Camilla
  • Manaka Iwami-Millie
  • Mirei Kuragami-Sharon
  • Shohei Kajikawa-Dominic
  • Junichi Suwabe - Manager of the garden shop

In the promo of Spy x Family Episode 3, we saw that Getting ready for Anya's interview. Who knows if Yuri Briar will also make his debut in the next episode to meet his sister's "husband".

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