There are many Devil's Fruits in ONE PIECE, but there is only one type for each. Because of this no two characters with two identical devil fruits, unless one of them is long dead and leaves power to someone else. So no one else can possess the power unleashed by Kaido of the Hundred Beasts.

The emperor ate them Fruit Uo Uo model Seiryu allowing him to transform into a Chinese-style dragon or a hybrid creature between dragon and human. In ONE PIECE, Kaido's hybrid form was Luffy's main antagonist during the Battle of Onigashima. What if he had this fruit? Or rather, and if the mugiwara kaidos had had fruits as they were?

She imagines Norridzuan, a fan and illustrator who decided to make this connection between the Uo Uo fruit and the Straw Hat Pirates in three videos. One can be found at the top of the news where there is Zoro, Nami, Jinbe, and Usopp. In the two videos below instead there is first Sanji, Chopper, Brook and Nico Robin and then the last video where there is LuffyBoa Hancock, Franky and Bibi.

Do you like this representation? Instead, here's what the Mugiwara might look like if they awakened their Devil Fruits.

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