The new anime series by Shaman King, based on the manga of the same name by Hiroyuki Takei and produced by Bridge Studio, is enjoying some fanfare, and the latest promotional video anticipated the debut of two new characters over the course of the next narrative arc.

Starting from the 30th episode, scheduled for November 4, 2021, in fact, the saga of Mount Osore Revoir begins, and in addition to the short trailer you can find on the news above, an official key visual of the arch has been released, in which you can see Anna Kyoyama in the foreground, alongside Yoh and the Goryoushin Matamune , new character played by Hideyuki Tanakawho had already dubbed it in a radio play dedicated to opera.

Hiroki Nanami will also join the cast, voicing Hao Asakura, the story's main antagonist, whose character design, which you can see below, has also been released. To respond to the great public reception, on November 22nd at Gran Cinema Sunshine in Tokyo will air four episodes from 30 to 33, and there will be a special talk show with voice actors for Toh, Anna and Matamune.

Finally, we leave you to some awesome group cosplay of the series, reminding you that the first 13 episodes of Shaman King are on Netflix.

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