In the past few days, information about DC Comics' rejection of the prequel series has been posted on the Internet Justice League Proposed by director Zack Snyder to investigate some aspects of the TV series coming this year and, despite the negative response, special cover variants were made.

The Volume 59 of the regular Justice League series Written by the now historic screenwriter Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by artist David Marquez, it is a fundamental point in the future of DC's greatest heroes. The number in question will actually introduce a new formation consisting of Superman, Batman, Flash, Aquaman, Hawkgirl, Hippolyta, Naomi and Black Adamand will feature the newest son of Krypton who is committed to bringing them together to counter a new threat straight from the world of Naomi looming over planet Earth.

To celebrate this new beginning somehow and of course to pay homage to it Snyder's work on the HBO-produced seriesDC Comics, which will be out exactly two days after the 59th edition of the Justice League is released, has requested three very important artists, viz Lee Bermejo, Jim Lee and Liam Sharp designed the beautiful cover variants You can see that at the bottom of the news, both color and black and white versions of which are published.

Recall that Future State had a new entry in the Justice League and we leave you to the Last Ride story information.

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