The new season dedicated to the Pokémon franchise Pokémon exploration, achieved great success among fans of portable monsters thanks to numerous innovations compared to the past. In view of the positive feedback, the realization of a manga series was announced that will lead Ash and Goh on new adventures.

The announcement came from the official Twitter page of VIZMediathat surprised the entire community yesterday shared the post that you can find at the bottom of the page. Also shows the cover of the first volume, where we see the two protagonists Ash and Goh alongside their most trusted Pokémon, Pikachu and Scorbunnyand it is the presence of the latter that suggests that, at least initially, we will see adventures set in the first part of the animated series Explorations. As of August 2020, Machito Gomi, an artist who also signed the manga Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution, was commissioned to create the manga.

VIZMedia didn't stop on a single announcement, however, and revealed it in the same release period as Pokémon Travel: The Series, the first volume of which will be released this fall season, will also be releasing Pokémon Pocket Comics: Sun & Moon, full of cartoon skits featuring the monsters that were met in Alola.

Keep in mind that the anime Schyter has given a new look, and we're leaving you to a faithful cosplay of James from Team Rocket.

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