Although it focuses solely on action and combat, in Dragon ball there is not even a lack of healthy romance. From the love story born in a special way between Chichi and Goku to Vegeta and Bulma, let's find out what the best romance was in Toriyama's work.

What better day than Valentine's Day to remember all of the Dragon Ball love stories? One of the very first was the one between Goku and Chi-Chi that they kept a promise of marriage made in childhood. However, Goku had no idea what it meant to get married and took his oath because he thought it was something to eat. In this Dragon Ball Super cosplay, Chichi is back in battle, just like at the martial arts tournament where she got engaged to the Saiyan.

Before he met the Saiyan prince as well as one of his dreams, Bulma was related to Yamcha. Although they looked like a dog and a cat, the two became engaged during their first adventure; A relationship that didn't last long before Vegeta arrived. Speaking of Bulma, her first appearance wasn't in Dragon Ball, but in Lum

In the collective imagination, the love story between Bulma and Vegeta is likely the most iconic from Dragon Ball. The climax of this romance is the birth of Trunks, who forever changed the character of the arrogant Saiyan. Unforgettable is the moment when he sacrifices himself for his family during the Buu Saga or when he develops his skills in Dragon Ball Super to defend his wife.

Just like Bulma, krillin had a different one Girlfriend before Android 18. Marion was a beautiful but frivolous girl and soon left Goku's best friend. However, Warrior Z was able to make amends for the blonde android he even had a daughter with, Marron. Could this name just be a coincidence?

Another iconic couple is the one that was formed between Gohan and Videl. The two high school classmates teamed up after tough training sessions and the secret double life of Gohan aka Great Saiyaman.

Without bardock and gine, Goku's adventure would never have started. It is only thanks to their courage and to their sacrifice if the little Saiyan managed to get to Earth before the planet Vegeta was destroyed by Freeza.

We could even see some romance in Dragon Ball Super. The relationship between Mirai Trunks and Mai She overcame adversity and strengthened herself as they saved each other's lives.

Although not considered canonical, even in Dragon Ball GT there was a romance. However, the story between Gohan and Pares was interrupted by the appearance of the evil Tsuful baby.

Which of these love stories did you love the most? Here are the Dragon Ball cards to celebrate Valentine's Day.

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