Although theBlack Clover Anime Right before the end, the Kingdom of Swords story arc does not intend to slow the plot down in any way. As can be seen from the summary of the next episodes, the battle between the Knights of the Clover Kingdom and the Dark Triad becomes even more violent.

The antagonists of the Kingdom of Swords brought theirs Attack on several fronts. On the one hand the Golden Dawn is in great trouble against Zenon Zogratis, on the other hand we see the captain Yami del Toro Nero in front of the fearsome Dante. This particular clash is destined to bring the next phase of this saga to life.

As can be seen from the recap of the next episodes posted by user BC Spoiler on Twitter, the battle is about to change. In episode 164, titled “Battlefield Heart Kingdom”, Yami will deal damage to Sukehiro a big blow to Dante Zogratis. However, the antagonist’s regenerative abilities allow him to regain control and overthrow the captain of the Black Bull. Meanwhile, Leopold Vermillion and Charmy Pappitson fight to save the kingdom from an enemy who exceeds all expectations.

In episode 165, “Water Crusade”, the attention moves to Vanica Zogratiswho wants to kidnap Lolopechka. Noelle Silva from Black Bull and Mimosa Vermillion from Golden Dawn, who have been greatly improved in training, intercept the antagonist of the Dark Triad. But is it possible to counteract this with just standard magical attacks?

While the Kingdom of the Heart fights Vanica, episode 166 focuses again on the fight between Yami and Dante. Despite another heavy blow, Dante claims to be immortal. No matter how much damage he suffers, he manages to regenerate his body.

Episode 167, “Black Oath” will see Asta join his captain. Determined not to disappoint Yami, the protagonist releases all his might, including that of the devil hidden in his body. Keep in mind that the animated series can expect three more episodes after this episode.

In anticipation of these new installments, the electrifying magic of Luck Volta has solved an arduous battle in Black Clover. What is the fate of the work? Let’s take stock of the situation at Black Clover.

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