The ship's story arc goes fast in the animated series from Boruto: Naruto the next generationsand offers viewers action-packed episodes, emotions and spectacular animations. And as shown in the preview of Episode 187, Team 7 is ready to face a new and very powerful enemy.

After the leader of the Kara organization lost the mysterious ship, he asked Kashin Koji to investigate what had happened to the hijacked airship and to bring back the precious lost object. However, before starting his mission, he began an illogical plan in Boruto Koji that led him to meet an outsider.

The war hero Ao exposed himself as a traitor and tool of Kara and attacked Konohamaru and Mugino in order to eliminate the latter. To avenge his friend's disappearance, the guys from Team 7 You faced the former ninja of the fog, but in the next episode they have to face an even more formidable enemy.

In the preview of episode 187 of the anime, posted on Twitter by user Abdul S17, Kashin Koji comes into play. The short animated clip shows how dangerous this antagonist is: with just a few pulls, he manages to get rid of an experienced ninja like Konohamaru.

The nephew of the Third Hokage, subject to his jutsu, appears destined to reunite with his friend Mugino. However, Boruto is furious about what is happening to his master and sets that free Strength that lies in it, Karma. In the meantime, here is the recap for Boruto episode 189.

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