Now only two chapters of The Attack of the Giants are missing. Chapter 137, published a few days ago in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine in Japanese and in Crunchyroll in English, brought the story even closer to its conclusion. And of course, given the phase, there were those who did definitely abandoned the pages of Hajime Isayama.

After revising the last pages of Chapter 136, The Attack of the Giants 137 a important speech between Zeke and Armin. The owner of the giant animal and the royal blood explained many things to Armin, from the origin of life to questions about its meaning and about Ymir's gestures and actions. Zeke seems to have come to terms with it in the end, but Armin will be able to change his mind and not only that, also to collect some of the old rulers of the giants who were previously subject to the will of the founder.

After Zeke frees Armin in the middle of the chapter, he can present himself outside of Eren's body by stepping out of one of the vertebrae. When he remembers Levi, who is still on Falco, he thinks about the coming day and regrets not having understood it before, while a moment later his head comes off because of the attack by Captain Ackerman. IS Zeke Jaeger dies like thiswith his gesture causing the end of the earth's roar with the colossal giants stopping their devastating march.

Chapter 137 of The Attack of the Giants got fans excited and choosing Zeke is certainly one of the reasons.

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