The series of war of stars is not new to the inclusion of events that are able to connect with what the writers and directors envisioned some time ago, to delve into certain moments and leave them pending, but also to anticipate what will happen could, as in the last published volume of the series .

The main focus of the story is The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi present the complexity of a character like Darth Vadertormented by past mistakes, confused in his current position, and hopeful for his son Luke's future. Just as he tries to convert Luke to the dark side, Vader recognizes it the sheer evil of Palpatineand for this he is suddenly seized with the will to rebel against the emperor.

In the final volume of the series, we saw Vader busy uncovering the true intentions of Palpatine, who appears to be on the mysterious planet Exegol. The journey led the protagonist to Red fogwhere he was confronted with a fearsome and terrifying space creature. In number 10, the Sith are in great trouble as they not only have to face this unknown and unpredictable being, but also thwart the attacks of the imperial forces who followed him.

As explained by Administrator Umbaran, the creature is a subspecies of Summaverminoth, also known as "the galaxy's greatest predator". In particular, this version has developed very strong physical attacks and also psychological attacks. The creature's attack on Vader is manifested in a vision, apparently a Remembering the fight with Obi-Wan on Mustafar. However, there is something wrong with the memory. Kenobi is actually replaced by Luke before the scene changes and he moves to Cloud City, where the two Skywalkers compete against each other.

This time, however, it is Vader who is in danger and is brutally killed by Luke, who walks away with Palpatine at the next table below and takes his first steps towards the dark side of the force. What if that shows Vader's vulnerable side?, that sleeping part of Anakin Skywalker who now realizes the inevitability of his fate and is probably proud of his son's determination.

Remember, the Gray Jedi will play an important role in the High Republic, and we are leaving you

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