Manga is growing given the popularity they enjoy. If it was normal to show anime on television in the past, the growth of those stories in recent years has been driven by other media as well. After light novels and theater productions, now the Exhibitions as planned for My Hero Academia.

While the manga creator Kohei Horikoshi continues to regularly draw the chapters of My hero academiaOn his Twitter page, new unpublished illustrations have been prepared for the My Hero Academia exhibition, which also features characters inspired by Super Mario.

It has caused a sensation in the last few hours a picture with Izuku Midoriya and Ochako UrarakaBoth in flight and after a battle, they hold hands, injured and smiling, in their costumes in pieces. Below is the city, but the scene is everything for the two heroes, who seem calm and smiling despite the situation. The author of My Hero Academia seems to want to emphasize that in this side illustration too deep bond that exists and that could develop still between the two protagonists.

Always the same mangaka, in another illustration posted on his social networks, presented a hero who seems to be inspired by Megaman.

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