Netflix is ​​getting more and more straight into the animation industry and has already worked with several Japanese studios to run new projects. The next one in the order of publication is titled High rise invasion, a survival anime. Let's enjoy the new promotional trailer while we wait for its release.

High-Rise Invasion will be released on Netflix next February 25th and the adaptation is inspired by the manga. "Sky Violation"by Tsuina Miura and Takahiro Oba, also available in Italy under the Planet Manga label. The series in question is just one of the many titles that the American giant will offer in its catalog in 2021, a sign that the company has them all Intent to continue investing in the Japanese animation industry. If you've never heard of this work, Netflix uses the following plot to describe the story:

""Yuri Honjo is a student who one day wakes up in an "abnormal room" on the roof of a skyscraper that is connected to as many by long suspension bridges. Escape from this maze of towers and bridges is made difficult by the presence of a few masked figures who will massacre any victim in range. Yuri has no intention of dying that way, and whether the choice is to kill or be killed, there is only one thing to do.""

Are you fascinated by this new animated project instead? Let us know with a comment below, but not before you take a look at that new violent advertising trailer available at the end of the news.

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