In stark contrast to the figure of the gods of destruction introduced in Dragon Ball SuperIn the Toriyama franchise, we also find the Kaioshin, superior beings known as the gods of creation, belonging to the Shinjin race. But how many are there and what is their real job?

In Universe 7, one of the twelve universes of Dragon Ball Super, There are five Kaioshins, one for each cardinal point on the compass. Under the leadership of the Great Kaioshin, who in turn must submit to Kaioshin the Supreme, they have been entrusted with the power to rule their own specific area of ​​the universe. Thus, the Kaioshins are essentially four deities who oversee the four corners of the universe.

However, they are unique characters that exceed audience expectations. In contrast to their prominent role, the Kaioshins are high dressed ironically and extravagantly.

Chronoa, the tallest Kaioshin of the time, and the aspiring Kaioshin Kibith in Universe 7 and Zamasu in Universe 10 must be mentioned. The latter ultimately despises humanity in Dragon Ball Super and becomes one of the main opponents of Goku.

Analyzing these numbers, it's obvious that the Kaioshin, whether they are allies or enemies of the Z Warriors, are integral part of the plot and play a fundamental role in the franchise. Dragon Ball Super will be at Jump Festa: you can find the date and time of the event here. Krillin achieves Super Saiyan and Ultra Instinct in this epic Dragon Ball Super fanart.

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