Since its debut, the epic of Castlevania, animated series released on the famous portal dedicated to streaming Netflix, has managed to gain the favor of the public, with millions of spectators remained very satisfied by what was seen within the first two seasons of the much talked about production.

With the arrival of the third season, however, some critical issues have come to light who violently split the fanbase, between those who said they were particularly satisfied and those who, on the contrary, considered the work not up to expectations. The staff in charge of the series, however, has already made it known that it is working on the fourth season of Castlevania, news that has left many users hesitant, who fear to witness a collapse. Well, the producer of the opera, Kevin Kolde, replied that he explained that next season will be richer in events and darker. Specifically, the man said:

"With the three main characters of the opera - Trevor, Sypha and Alucard - all left with the spirit in pieces and a strong disgust for human nature, the new season will be a turning point for our heroes, and perhaps not for the better; get ready for a much darker adventure. At this point, the show will be driven by the characters. We want to know what will happen with Alucard, what will happen with Trevor and Sypha and, again, what will happen with Hector and Lenor and Carmilla and Isaac and Striga. All their stories are awaiting a conclusion. Our challenge will be to be able to create a single common thread for everything that happened during the third season and in the meantime we must ask ourselves how the fourth will end. We are pretty sure that the public will be very happy with this new season. "

Before saying goodbye, we remind you that in recent weeks it has been confirmed that Castlevania 4 will not be delayed on the roadmap, despite the difficulties that have arisen over the past few months.

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