As Asta’s paperwork adventure continues, the animated implementation comes to an end. However, fans may soon hear some news regarding the series.

The work follows the numerous battles that the protagonist without magical powers and his friends of the Black Bull Company face. Although manga artist Yuuki Tabata continues to develop the series, the animated rendition of Black Clover will end the day March 29 with episode number 170.

Numerous fans were dissatisfied with the early announcement, but it seems that new surprises are waiting for them. According to the Twitter account MangaMoguraRE is indeed aimportant statement by the same author of the manga published in the weekly edition Shonen Jump To be released on the same day, the final episode of the anime will air.

Currently, fans are wondering what the content of the mangaka’s announcement could be. After some pessimistic assumptions The end of the paper work would also be approaching, the success of the animated series would not have affected the sales of the manga as hoped. For some more optimistic theories Future statements, however, may refer to a leap in time told at the end of the saga of the Kingdom of Swords.

What do you think about it? What do you think is the most likely hypothesis? Let us know in the comments.

Finally, here is a ranking of the top five Black Clover endings.

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