As you know for sure, this is from Pokémon is one of the most famous and beloved franchises of all time, an incredibly long-lived epic that, having also arrived in our beloved industry, has captured an even larger fan base among readers and viewers scattered all over the world.

Among the many works dedicated to the brand there is also Pokémon Explorations, the latest animated series starring our well-known Ash and Pikatch - but this time also accompanied by Go - with which we were able to check places, Pokémon and faces known to all fans. Well, it seems that even episode 39 is trying to scare the audience, especially by presenting a new clash between Fabia and Ash.

From what the synopsis says, the episode will actually watch Ash is determined to take on Fabia, the sports director for the Galar regionwho had previously defeated our protagonist during the battle for the Pokémon World Championship. After the sports director reaches the place where Fabia does her training, he accepts the challenge and prepares for the fight. The new preview of the next episode was also shared on Twitter, a video that is available at the end of the news and through which it is possible to watch some of the key moments of the clash, when Fabia and Ash will compete with their Pokémon.

Before we say goodbye, we would also like to remind you that the future arrival of Mewtwo and the Legendaries of Galar has recently been confirmed in Pokémon Explorations as well.

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