Black Clover: The new chapter reveals a new magic.  Let’s find out the details

In these final chapters of Black Clover, we saw the defeat of Asta and the other magical knights by the Dark Triad of the Kingdom of Swords, which practically destroyed them. The attack on the kingdom of swords is very narrow and this is revealed in this new chapter The black cops could get stronger quickly with the help of the elves.

Chapter 265 begins after a twist where it is revealed that members of the Magical Eye of the White Night, Patry, Raia, Vetto, and Fana saved Noelle after Vanica's demonic power exploded. We discover that Nero, Mimosa, Charmy, Luck and Leopold also managed to save.

Patry congratulates Noelle and the others on how strong they have become, but Noelle is convinced that the group is still too weak. That's why Patry decides to help themand the only way to help them To get strong at such a time means to practice the esoteric art of elven magic.

Unfortunately, the chapter ends before we know exactly what that spell is, but now Noelle and the others have the opportunity to do so.

If you need a recap of the previous chapter, here is Black Clover's Chapter 264 report. On the other hand, if you're a fan of the animated version, we encourage you to check out the latest information on the next few episodes of the Black Clover anime.

What do you think the elves will teach Noelle and the others? Will they win the war?

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