Pokémon Exploration: We’ll see the debut of the newest Galar starter soon

The new series Pokémon exploration was unveiled as one of the franchise's most ambitious projects, aiming to renew many aspects of historical protagonist Ash Ketchum's previous journeys, with a special focus on travel and research. In addition, a new co-protagonist, the coach, was used Goh.

These are just a few of the innovations that have been presented so far. In addition to the new types of wearable monsters that appeared in the 44 episodes published, the story has evolved to give space to the events of the Pokémon Sword and Shield video games and create a small narrative arc dedicated to the phenomenon of the night . Oscura and al Return of the legendary Zacian and Zamazenta.

While the latest episodes were hugely popular with the public, loyal fans keep wondering when the only starter from the new region will make his debut. We talk about the grassy monkey called Grookey and in a recent interview the director of the anime, Daiki Tomiyasu, stated that we will see it, but at the right time. Right now, Raboot and Sobble are alongside Goh, so it goes without saying that that's what you'd think Grookey will be part of Ash's party, although Pikachu will always be his favorite companion.

Recall that Pikachu met Joker, Naruto, and ONE PIECE in some characters, and we'll leave you to the new key visual of the anime.

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