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Majo no Tabitabi - Chapter 8: The Ripper

The next stop on Elaina's journey is a country where a doll can be seen almost everywhere. Though a bit scary, she continues sightseeing and meets a crowd who listens to them while they eat. Among the inhabitants of the country is a witch, who is by the United Association of Magicwho is there to investigate recent cases of attacks on five women. The perpetrator is known as the "ripper", but the witch does not receive any valuable information for her investigation in conversation with the residents.

When she finished eating, Elaina wanted to leave the place, but is stopped by the witch, who also wants to question her. Elaina, however, knows nothing about the subject other than what she heard a few moments ago. The witch introduces herself as Sheila who 'Night witch'and asks Elaina for her cooperation if she discovers anything else related to the case.

On her way to a shelter, Elaina finds a shabby shop where dolls are given to anyone who wants one. Curiosity leads Elaina to enter the shop, but the atmosphere of the place is not very pleasant, so she leaves without taking a doll.

Elaina finds a place to stay and finds another doll in her room, which she keeps in the closet to make herself more comfortable. However, when she woke up, her long hair was cut off. Elaina calls Sheila, who, when checking the room, finds the same leads as all the other victims. So Elaina decides to help her so that the person responsible receives his sentence.

Thanks to the details of a doll and an interrogation, Elaina and Sheila receive a clue that leads them to where to find the Ripper. End of a doll auction in the shadow of the country. Wherever they find the dolls that have real human hair, they both pause the auction to find the "Ripper".

Majo no Tabitabi - Chapter 8
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A scary story

I personally found the story of Majo no tabitabi - Chapter 8 scary in its own way. All because of the way they directed the plot of the story at the beginning and, in addition to the large number of dolls that were everywhere, mentioned a ripper. My first thought was that some of the dolls would have human parts, such as their eyes. However, knowing that it was all about her hair, I can't deny that I was disappointed. Although I also felt a bit relieved, I'm not a huge fan of blood.

Even though the plot of the story didn't turn out as I imagined, it was still creepy to me. These types of dolls have always been something that I feel uncomfortable with. Even in an animation, I still felt uncomfortable seeing the immense number of dolls all over the country. The scene I enjoyed the least was when Elaina walked into the "humble" doll shop.

A feeling of discomfort that I am not sure was good or bad was felt through animation. In part, I think it was good because it meant that I was pretty much down in history. On the other hand, it wasn't comfortable to feel even though I knew the dolls weren't real. Maybe my own nervousness played against me, but no doubt it has been a long time since this happened to me while watching an anime.

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Leave the puppets aside a little and get back to the subject of the plot. Really part of me expected to see a bigger or darker story Majo no tabitabi - Chapter 8 as it had the potential to. An association that investigates, a land of dolls and a "ripper". All the intrigue that had generated me completely disappeared when Elaina mentioned that hair is a woman's life.

From the beginning Majo no tabitabi - Chapter 8 was a roller coaster ride between emotions and sensations between discomfort and intrigue, until "this" scene occurred. At that moment I could see my dreams and hopes for the plot development being shattered.

Though I end up knowing it wasn't a tight plot, especially after knowing the next episode of Majo no tabitabi it is advertised as the "darkest".


in the Majo no tabitabi - In Chapter 8, a female character appeared who featured me in this anime. I'm talking about Sheila who 'Night witch'. Honestly, I loved her aesthetic appearance as well as her personality and voice (contributed by the seiyuu Yoko Hikasa). Of course, I would have liked to see her in a more embarrassed situation, had I taken advantage of the fact that the plot has taken a path that is more comedy than tragedy oriented. However, thanks to her relationship with Saya, I hope to see her again.

When I speak of his relationship with Saya I would like to know how he accepted Saya as his apprentice and vice versa. Because, with Saya's personality, she hadn't expected her teacher to have so little to do with Elaina.

Yoko Hikasa He also has his voice on characters like: Erica Blandelli ((Campione!), Sakie Satou ((Demi-chan wa Kataritai), Emi Yusa ((Hataraku Maou-sama!), Rias Gremory ((High School DxD), Houki Shinonono ((Infinite Stratos), Mio Akiyama ((K-On!), Diana Cavendish ((Little witch academy), among many others.

Majo no Tabitabi - Chapter 8
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As for the antagonist of Majo no tabitabi - Chapter 8 I have to accept that I liked his aesthetic style. The large dark circles along with her pale skin made her look obsessed from the start. Something that, while I liked it, I can't say I loved it for her to appear this way in the chapter, I could basically see from her first appearance that she was overly suspicious. Detail that I would have liked to have hidden a little better in order to keep up the tension and intrigue that created the plot. For example, it was a case similar to that in a previous episode with Princess Mirarose, who looks like a victim but is ultimately the culprit of everything.

Of course, his personality convinced me the least of the character. In general, the way he expressed himself to show his personality and fetishism wasn't bad, but it does leave a bad taste in my mouth that that personality was such an important point in the plot.

The character wasn't bad, especially when he was a supporting character in the plot. As an antagonist, however, he left a lot to be desired. Even apart from who the plot is about Majo no tabitabi - Chapter 8 You have followed the path you have chosen or have chosen much more blood and tragic.

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As for Elaina, I'm glad she got her hair back. I honestly liked the protagonist, both for her personality and for her aesthetic. Seeing her with short hair, however, took away many points. And it's not like having long hair to see as a potential waifu is a personal taste, after all, my only waifu has short hair. It just seems to me that Elaina looks a lot better on long hair.

In the end, I didn't stop liking Elaina just for her haircut, but Sheila's looks made a huge impact on a personal basis. Both are fighting for first place in my personal ranking for female characters in Majo no tabitabi.

Now I just have to prepare myself mentally for the next episode. What I'm excited about after my expectations for it have risen. I hope he sticks to her and doesn't let me down. If he needs an announcement that advises the sensitive public, then I hope a conspiracy equals at least the beginning of Goblin hunter. So raw and dense.


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