One of the biggest news of the spring season in terms of the anime catalog is Spy x Family. Considering the success that the anime is already enjoying after just two episodes released, a fan has decided to combine the Spy x Family universe with that of Naruto Turning Sasuke Uchiha's family into spies.

So much for the story of loid forger, known as Twilight, both completely different from the narrative universe devised by Masashi Kishimoto, also in the course of Naruto's adventures, excuses, power games and situations have appeared again and again, which were also required dangerous espionage missions. But user @starbooksligth thought of a simple transition between the two works and created the illustration you can see below.

In the drawing Sasuke is portrayed as a Loid complete with a gun, Sakura in those of his wife Yor Briar, a cold and murderous calculator, while little Sarada is evidently Anya Forger, a child adopted by Loid just to get closer to her main goal. An incredible tribute that did not go unnoticed on social networks, where it received thousands of likes. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Finally, let's remember that another fan imagined what a crossover between Attack on Titan and Spy x Family would look like and we leave you an athlete's tribute to the art of Uchiha fire.

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