The terrible war raging across the island of Onigashima now seems to be drawing to a close. In chapter 1047 of ONE PIECE Now available on Manga Plus, the showdown between Monkey D. Luffy and Emperor Kaido has reached a point of no return and may prove to be more devastating than expected.

A gorgeous paint-splatter page where the Mugiwara seem to be enjoying their well-deserved beach vacation in the perfect summer atmosphere introduces us to the titled chapter "The Sky Over the Capital". The concern of momosukeurged by Yamato to stop Onigashima's fall takes us back in time when the child accepted his mother's and Kin'emon's request to be sent to the future to give Wano and his father's memory a second chance.

Immediately afterwards, the scene reverses Fight between Luffy and Kaido, where Straw Hat even manages to unleash one of the lightning bolts of the storm overlooking the island and capital. However, as Kaido reminds him, skills alone are not enough to conquer the world, Ambition is required, as Gol D. Roger himself demonstrated, devoid of powers derived from the devil's fruits. Guided by these words, the Emperor deals Luffy a series of devastating blows, including sharp blows that manage to injure him.

Meanwhile, in the Flower Capital, the festival ends and as the lanterns rise into the sky, Hyogoro calls on the samurai to support Luffy anyway His victory would result in her death due to the fall of Onigashima. In the castle, on the other hand, while Usopp is able to save himself thanks to the flow of water, Orochi, transformed, comes dangerously close to Hiyori. The chapter ends with Luffy's request to Momonsuke to get Onigashima out of the trajectory of his attack. The Mugiwara captain is determined to hit Kaido with a mighty punch.

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