The villains are all individuals who have left civil society. There may be various reasons behind this choice, but in many cases this also seems to be due to the quirk. in one like those of My Hero Academia where the force in question can even change the physical, it cannot be ruled out that there are also psychic effects.

Take this for example Case of Himiko Toga, a girl who developed her own quirk from an early age. Because of this, he has a special relationship with blood, the bearer of his power, and only thanks to this he can spiritually relate and relate to others. This then leads to her being a My Hero Academia villain as it is necessary for her to kill and drink blood.

Spanish cosplayer Eri wanted Immortalize Himiko Toga in a cosplay that assumes he's about to commit another murderto quench his thirst for blood. Wearing his villain uniform to make it even more disturbing, especially with the blood already covering him, he prepares to go against his targets, perhaps those he has written on the wall behind him.

However, on her way she will find Uraraka ready to stop her. Toga's latest show appears in My Hero Academia.

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