On the website Motion gallery Announced the start of a fundraising campaign for the production of an animated feature film based on the book written by the Finnish author Leena Krohn, Sfinksi vai Robotti. The book was released in Japan under the title Sphinx ka Robot ka, and contains three works, including the novel Taiyou no Kodomo-tachi, which will inspire adaptation.

Sfinksi vai Robotti

The project aims to raise a total of ten million yen (about $ 91,300) and as of the writing of this article, it has totaled 224,000 yen (about $ 2,043).

For her part, the painter Anzu Kanie will take care of the movie. She will be in charge of the co-direction and is in the process of selecting who will be the second director of the project. Benefits for those who donate to the fundraising campaign include postcards, a DVD with a documentary, and an invitation to the premiere party. Kanie plans to start screenings of the film at international festivals in February 2022, and to release it in Japanese theaters in the summer of the same year.

Furthermore, Krohn is a novelist, philosopher, essayist, and writer of children's novels. She released the illustrated books Sfinksi vai Robotti in 1999 and the work exploring how the world of technology and the internet has redefined reality itself.

Source: ANN


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