The first part of the manga ends Jigokudou Reikai Tsuushin

In the July issue of the magazine Good! Afternoon from the publisher Kodansha The final chapter of the "first season" of the manga was published, written by Hinowa Kouzuki and illustrated by Mimori, Jigokudou Reikai Tsuushin.

Jigokudou Reikai Tsuushin

The manga had entered the final arc of its first season in May 2018. For his part, Mimori began publishing the manga as an adaptation of the novels written by Kouzuki in Good! Afternoon by the Kodansha publisher in November 2008. The publisher published the eleventh compilation volume in April 2019, and will publish the twelfth on September 7.

The novels inspired two OVAs produced by the studios Toei Animation and Trans Arts, published in 1996. Junichi Sato was in charge of the direction with scripts written by Miyuki Takahashi.

Synopsis of Jigokudou Reikai Tsuushin

Tetsushi, Ryouchin and Shiina are a trio of girls with a lousy reputation for always going around causing trouble. One day she decides to enter the Jingkudou, a store rumored to have an entrance to hell, and the manager is quite creepy. He tells them a story and then they decide, using a key he provided, to find and give eternal rest to the soul of a murder victim. However, this will only be the start of a series of supernatural adventures ...

Source: ANN

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