After the two-year timeskip, each member of the Straw Hat crew returned with new skills but also a new appearance. For Luffy there was the showy scar on his chest, Nami and Nico Robin even more provocative, Franky had become a huge robot. IS Roronoa Zoro it had remained almost the same except for the loss of his left eye.

It is still a mystery how the swordsman managed to lose his eye, which left a striking scar on the left side of his face. In ONE PIECE Oda did not want to tell in detail the past of the characters and then some fans intervened in creating some theories. One of them, DJ OKBBS, even made a short comic to show everyone what happened to Kuraigana during training with Mihawk.

According to the fan drawing you can see in the six tweets below, Zoro lost his eye during a battle with Mihawk where he had to be able to disarm him. Despite the many attacks and blows, in the end the swordsman of the Mugiwara crew had to suffer the attack of Hawkeye, losing his eye. Finally, he was forced to admit defeat, despite the fact that in the final backstage we see a Mihawk who has suffered some minor injuries. Would you like it if it had gone like this?

Another fan has instead made a future where Roger is not dead, while others have discovered that Oda likes to play with numbers and Kuraigana is at the center of this curiosity.

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