The Attack of the Giants, the editor doesn’t fit: “don’t attack us, we are victims”

The manga world has been harassed for years by the scourge of piracy. The printed comic book must be distributed days before in Japanese stores and some unscrupulous people between sellers and international characters publish everything in advance of the release date. The phenomenon also involves The attack of the Giants.

Lately though the fans are starting to revolt against the continuous advance scans of The Attack of the Giants and in recent months have stormed the official page of The Attack of the Giants managed by the editor of Hajime Isayama. Last month the notice served to close a group that was in charge of publishing the manga in English 3 or 4 days before the release in the Japanese stores.

This month, however, some users turned rather aggressively towards the editor by inciting him to do something. Obviously the answer was not long in coming editor who specified that unfortunately they can't do much against those who exploit in this way the paper distribution of the manga. While taking some countermeasures, they can only have some effects against these criminal acts. Finally, however, he adds that he is not aggressive towards the editorial team since they are primarily the victims of this global phenomenon. When fans get mad at the publishing house about this spread, replying to messages becomes doubly frustrating for the editor.

In a few days, on 9 June, The Attack of the Giants 129 will arrive in Japan and will resume history after the stop last month of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine.

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