Dragon Ball Super Over the course of the chapters, he has not failed to borrow some features that are dear to the prequel in terms of citation and reinterpretation. Just think of the character of Freeza and his dialogue with Goku in episode 111. This time, an homage seems to come straight from the manga of the same name.

There Conversion of Goku to Super Saiyan is an indelible memory for all fans, because at the height of his anger, the protagonist managed to unleash a skill that is considered legendary for the Saiyan race itself. The anger caused by the loss of his best friend, brutally killed by a ruthless Freeza, pushed the famous hero to overcome his limits and reach a new level of power.

In Chapter 63 of DB Super, Toyotaro seems to have borrowed the then imaginary scene from Akira Toriyama to highlight Goku's feelings. A fan, a certain one Ultra Riyaztook the opportunity to color the last table of the chapter in question and noticed a certain resemblance to the protagonist's anger before he reached the Super Saiyan. Either way, you can check out the comparison in question by comparing the Toyotaro scene at the bottom of the news with that of Toriyama at the top of the page.

And you can find a quote in this table to highlight Goku's new power-up, or is the similarity just a coincidence? Let us know what you think about this with a comment below.

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