One of the ideas that caught the eye of viewers Sword Art Online was the launch of the first virtual reality MMORPG video game. The ability to create a character in an RPG and literally take his place in another universe was a winner, and now fans can face a series-inspired dungeon in reality.

The official Sword Art Online Twitter account has actually confirmed that a special will open in Shinjuku, Tokyo starting April 2023 Dungeon built in the style of the opera. It is, as also indicated in the post reported at the bottom of the page, an “experiential project” that therefore aims to create a different type of public participation and that, with good results, could evolve in the future.

No further details have been released at this time Sword Art Online Anomaly Quest, if not for the short trailer and original illustration, always available below, where Kirito and Asuna appear in an evil version, then most likely they will play the role of the final bosses of the dungeon. What do you think about it particular experience related to the universe of SAO? Tell us in the comments.

Finally we remind you that a new Sword Art Online movie has been announced and we leave you a beautiful figurine of Asuna from Prisma Wing Prime Studio.

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